CodeMark™ is a building product certification scheme. Third-party CodeMark™ Certification bodies evaluate and certify products to ensure they meet specified requirements of the Building Code. CodeMark™ gives users the confidence that their building complies. Building materials, forms of construction and designs can come under the scheme. Relevant legislation requires Building Certifiers, Designer, Architects, Builders, Home Insurance companies, Customers etc. to accept CodeMark™ certified products.

CodeMark Certificate CM40323

Orangeboard Marketing. 

OrangeBoard Marketing Brochure

Orangeboard Environmental Impact. 

Environmental Impact

Orangeboard Installation

Orangeboard Installation Guide

Orangeboard Fixing Report

Sunhood/Blade Installation Guide

Sunhood/Blade Engineering Report


Symmetri Clad

Orangeboard Strength/Impact Testing

Full Impact Test

Partial Impact Test

Bending Test

Branz DC1869

Orangeboard Render Specifications

Orangeboard Render Specification

RSA Acrylic Render Specification

RSA Bling Render Specification

Mac Render Specification

LRV (Light Reflective Values)

Orangeboard Light Reflective Value



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